Sunday, June 30, 2013

Triple Skull: If Blood Bowl was mine.

Triple Skull: If Blood Bowl was mine.: There has been the usual rumours about the release of a new Blood Bowl box this year with a few minor differences. The removal of speciali...

This is a good starting point on what Games Workshop could/should do with Blood Bowl. They have a profitable game on their hands, they need to harness that.

I would add that a proper tournament scene (like what WOTC has done with Magic the Gathering) would drive competition, and increase visibility. With the NFL growing each year in popularity, its time to get in there.



Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Greenbay Snackers (halfling)

The Greenbay Snackers (halfling)

'Flings! My second favorite stunty team (Im a sucker for Goblins). This is one of my earlier teams, and a little more gritty on the old paint job. Flings are a fun league and tournament team. Go low as possible on TV and induce Zara or Deeproot and get that CHEF COOKING. I love stealing re-rolls from greedy opponents. 

The Strength 2 killing machine,

This has a strange likeness of myself. 

Always come prepared with a boat load of Hobbits!

Old Treemen, the best and worst model. 

Old Ironside.
 I still take the Flings out to do battle against new coaches, or friends learning the game. Fun team, loving tossing the little sausage eaters around the pitch.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Ragnarok Raiders (Norse)

The Ragnarok Raiders (Norse) 

Norse teams have a well deserved reputation for ferocity both on and off the playing field. The Norse that takes up Blood Bowl is a truly unedifying specimen, interested only in beer, women and song off the playing field, and beer, women and bloody carnage while on it!

While the team can be hard hitting, they don't like getting punched back. With AV7 they can go down in a hurry. Still they make a fantastic tournament team, and a great metagame choice in a Clawpomb heavy MM environment

Valhalla Awaits!

The Berzerkers, Frenzy, Jump Up, and Block. The ultimate glass cannon!

The Runner, start with Dauntless and +1MV. They make for reliable carriers, and good safeties. 

An old Ulfwerener, a little worn down. 

Ulfwereners, no such things as werewolves. Ill take werebears.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Zharr-Naggrund Ziggurats (Chaos Dwarves)

Chaos Dwarves,

Keeping the Chaos theme rolling, I bring the mighty Zharr-Naggrund Ziggurats!  Ill try and stay away from the Dwarf jokes because they really are the lowest form of humor. The Chaos Dwarves are one of the best teams in Blood Bowl. Combining the starting skill set of the Longbeards with the ability to mutate makes them a brutally efficient team. Add the fragile, but cheap, hobgoblins and you get a 'balanced' team of stars and filler. 

The Zharr-Naggrund Ziggurats

Say something about our hats, I dare ya!

Yeah, sure 'boss', I know where the gold goes....
Barik Farblast on Dat ASS!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Boston Blood Bowl League (3BL)

Hello all Boston based Blood Bowl players. I am looking to establish a weekly or Biweekly Pub league in the Boston area. I've created a Facebook page. If you are interested, or know of anyone interested please help spread the word! All Skill levels welcomed! We will happily teach any one the wonderful hobby of Blood Bowl.

Help me spread the world!

Lets try to get 8 coaches and get a league started.

All the best,


Friday, June 7, 2013


As many of you know, I am a very active player in Cyanide's Blood Bowl Chaos Edition. I play solely in the Forum Open League. Its a Match Making league with great administrators that boot cheaters, habitual disconnectors and generally abusive players. Additionally, the upper rankings of the league are very competitive.

As for the Blood Bowl game, it is a bit buggy (way better now), no Pact or Slann (GW orders!), but I really enjoy it. I can play all day, love the graphics and interfaces.

In BBII I am hoping the bugs are fixed, we see Slann/Pact, more league controls, and team creation functions. The graphics on the above teaser look great. I'm excited for more information!

P.S- one theory is that this game will coincide with the a new GW Blood Bowl box set with LRB7. Lets hope, it would be great to have an update set and some miniatures.



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Eastern Steppes United (Chaos Pact)

The Eastern Steppes United (Chaos Pact)

Continuing with this weeks Chaos theme I present The Eastern Steppes United. This is my make shift Chaos Pact team as I am currently working on one based off of the older Games Workshop figures. I like this team, just not a huge fan of the Marauders. I really like Thorg N' Crack, Star Ogre and Fulstench Nightglow, Mutated Troll.
The Eastern Steppes United

Thorg N' Crack

Fulstench Nightglow

Monday, June 3, 2013

Chaos Consume Us! CRP6 Chaos Strategy Guide

Chaos Consume Us! CRP6 Chaos Strategy Guide 


If you are looking for a strategy guide on how to develop a well rounded, diverse Chaos team, full of cute mutations and versatile players…. this guides not for you. This is a guide on how to develop a Chaos team chocked full of claw and hell-bent on destruction. Feared on the pitch, and despised in match making.  Hated at game night, but teeming with fluff.  You are playing Chaos. You are not looking for friends. You are looking to maim, kill and destroy. Play the heel.  Look your friend in the eye, smile, and Pile On their favorite player.  Why? Because fuck em’, that’s why. Blood Bowl needs the bad guy, embrace the role.

Chaos is not the best team. The rookie build is woefully inept, void of skills, and relying solely on the slightly above average stat line of their positional players. They are frustrating team in early Tournament Value (TV), burning through rerolls, getting out hit by bash teams, and out maneuvered by agility teams. In fact, their Win Percentage (WP) in FUMMBLs BlackBox hovers around 48% until 1600 TV when it finally breaks the 50% barrier. Getting the team to 1500+ TV is crucial. This is the tipping point, when your team starts to catch up on important skills, develop player removal skills and ride the power of horns, mutations and above average stat lines to victory.  Even at high TV when your dreaded combination of Claw, Piling On, and Mighty Blow (clawpomb) starts decimating the opponent’s ranks, elves still rule the pitch. Casualties do not always equate to victory. You can destroy the other team, and still lose the game. Alas, this is an alternate realm, where the powers of Chaos bow to the all mighty Nuffle.